Sexism in Teen Wolf

Top 52 actors of the Teen Wolf cast according to IMDb.

Of the 52 there are only 19 women.  That’s 36% of the cast. Of the 19 women only 6 are definitely alive. 4 have question marks (denoting I couldn’t remember if they were alive) and 9 are definitely dead.  Here’s the interesting thing, of those women definitely alive only all of them have been threatened or needed saving at some point. (Notable exception is Lydia’s mom Mrs. Martin as far as I remember).

Now further inspection along racial lines made me question exactly how much of the current season has been impacted by the backlash of #killdanny.  If we consider that at the midseason finale both Braedan and Ms. Morell seemed to be dead.  Braeden has come back (she’s not on the cast screenshots because she’s only had two episodes so far therefore pushing her past the top 52) and with the addition of Kira there are suddenly 3 WOC definitely alive. There are at least 2 sources (1, 2) confirming that Bianca Lawson’s Ms. Morrell will also be returning. 

How PR missteps nearly ruined the Teen Wolf fandom brought up this  interesting question to me of why in less than six months 3 WOC roles (Kira, Braeden, Ms. Morrell) are being mentioned for the 3b season.  It actually falls neatly into the pattern already established (the “discovery” of Cora Hale’s existence in the third season premiere for example, also bringing back Victoria Argent through flashbacks, and Kate Argent through Allison’s nightmares).  These retcons don’t change the fact that the audience can’t rely on Teen Wolf’s narrative to support women and fandom is reflecting that.

Keep reading for a link that breaks down Teen Wolf’s treatment of women and poc.  (There will be a follow up posts on racism and sexism in the Teen Wolf fandom)

That article breaks down some of the really horrible treatment of women and poc that’s gone on in the show.  Although it erroneously claims that Colton Haynes is a poc when his imdb states

One of Colton’s paternal great-great-great-grandmothers, Sarah Ann Ward, was of part Cherokee Native American ancestry, making Colton of somewhere under 1/32 or 1/64 Cherokee descent. Colton’s father’s other ancestry was English, Scottish, and Northern Irish (Scots-Irish).

I’ve discussed white passing privilege before and basically that’s the only part of the article with which I disagree.