P!nk talking about Stupid Girls [2/2]

Don’t play dumb, even if they want you to.

Props to her for pointing out problematic behavior without putting down the women in general.

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No, she doesn’t get a hearing aid. They literally fix her ear so she’s not deaf any more. I do wish they’d included it in the movie but it has very little impact on the storyline so of course it got cut. :/

Ah. Still, even that erases disabilities. We can’t expect society to understand disabilities of authors continually write plot lines where disabilities are magically “fixed” so people don’t have to deal with reality anymore. 

At least they could’ve included it in the movies so we could start a better dialogue, ugh.

maxiewinchester said: I only saw the first movie, so I was surprised a few weeks ago when I saw people upset that Peeta didn't have a prosthetic leg. I feel like many people just like me, probably never knew about that because they've just seen the movies.

And therein lies the problem. I didn’t know about it because I’ve only seen the movies as well. And this erasure of disabilities happens super super often in movies and television. And if a disability isn’t erased it’s made into like this sob story and used to introduce super crip narratives. Ableism is really, really ingrained in our society and it’s super gross. I know for sure that I say ableist things all the time without realizing because it’s totally normal to say something like “you’re crazy”, “are you deaf?” “are you blind?” “are you (mentally deficient)?”, etc. 

And when movies and tv shows don’t represent disabilities in the way they should, disabled folks are left with little to no representation and really sucky concepts of disability are perpetuated. 

caecilius-est-pater said: I think most people just forget…she loses her hearing about halfway through the first book and gets it fixed at the end of the book, and Peeta loses his leg at the end of the first book, gets a prosthetic, and it’s barely mentioned after that.

quigonejinn said: They’re disabled as a result of the Games. IIRC, Katniss has a heavy-duty hearing aid.

Forgetting about disabilities is still ableism. I mean it is bad that the book doesn’t thoroughly address it but it’s also on fans to not erase it and make it seem less important just because the book doesn’t spend as much time on it. 

Also by “fix” do you mean she gets a hearing aid because that still means she is deaf…

Anonymous said: The capitol also does this thing where they enslave "criminals" and chop out their tongues. They're called Avoxes, if I remember, and there's a couple of important scenes that Katniss goes through that involves them, and they're left out of the movies completely.

Yeah, I mean most movies cut out important scenes but that is particularly important to understanding how really awful the capitol is and just how important race and power relations are in these sort of oppressive states. 

I sense that the movie people really wanted us to just be all doe eyed toward Katniss and Peeta yikes

Anonymous said: What is a moffat?


a very common breed of men 

their prominent characteristics are misogyny, queerphobia, and arrogance

they can be found in most settings but they especially thrive off of ego boosting so they tend to inhabit places where they will gain the most power and prestige

if you’re ever not sure whether you’ve encountered one just listen for the most common sound they make “not all men!”

oh also if you need to lure one out just tell them you’ve found a psychopath that’s a great way to catch their interest

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Anonymous said: katniss is canonically not white, she's described as olive skinned, as are gale and (i think) haymitch; it's been a while since I read the books so I'm not sure about haymitch but I know for certain katniss and gale are. katniss is also disabled - she's deaf in one ear. peeta is also disabled, he has a prosthetic leg. and both the films and the fandom choose to ignore these facts. sigh.

you’re kidding

they’re disabled.


a+ thg fandom a+ ableism and racism wow. 

now I really need to read the books. shit. thanks for letting us know about that. that’s some grade a bullshit right there. (kinda like how mcu ignores hawkeye’s deafness)


Shortly after Kathryn Tucker started RedRover, an app that showcases local events for kids, she pitched the idea to an angel investor at a New York tech event. But it didn’t go over well. When she finished her pitch, the investor said he didn’t invest in women.

When she asked why, he told her. “I don’t like the way women think,” he said. “They haven’t mastered linear thinking.” To prove his point, he explained that his wife could never prioritize her to-do lists properly. And then, as if he was trying to compliment her, he told Tucker she was different. “You’re more male,” he said.

Tucker didn’t need to hear any more. “I said, ‘Thanks very much,’ walked out, and never spoke to him again,” she recalled earlier this year, as part of a panel discussion on “fundraising while female” at the annual Internet Week conference in New York.


"This Is What Tech’s Ugly Gender Problem Really Looks Like" (via pursuitofnerdiness)

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Anonymous said: Few months ago I mentioned that based on book descriptions I interpreted Katniss as mixed-race of Native America descent and not 10 minutes later I got a bunch of hate mail, all variation of how dare I, she's totally white, why am I trying to force diversity etc. That fandom is trash.

Yeah, sounds like THG is pretty bad.



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All pedophiles are trash, no exceptions. There is no “kink-shaming” about it. Protect survivors at all costs.

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Anonymous said: in the books katniss mentions (in the narration) that she and gale both have the grey eyes and olive skin, and looks related because of that, like most families working in the mines(living in the seam) do. haymitch is described as having seam-grey eyes once, so its logical to assume that he's from the seam and therefore, (like almost everyone in the seam) have olive skin.

Ah, okay. Awesome, thanks for clearing that up. 

And now I can be mad about more whitewashing.

strangerilovedsowell said: The way I interpreted the people in district 12, the ones who live in the wealthy part of it was white,whereas the miners where non-white. Katniss,in my opinion, is mixed-race, bring darker skinned like her father, with prim looking like her mum (1/2

(2/2) That’s why, with me anyway,the line “Peeta doesn’t know what its like for me and Haymitch” because Peeta was white and didn’t know their struggle etc.. idk its just in my opinion

Hi, mod R here. While I haven’t read the books yet, I have seen the films. I want to point out that there was what in my opinion was some racial segregation in the districts. I could be wrong. But I mean, given that the vast majority of the people in Rue’s district were black (if I remember correctly), it would seem that way. 

However, I have read in many places that Katniss is described in the book as having “olive skin”. And idk about the other people talking about this on here but I know that as a white person, if I get tan my skin does not turn freaking olive colored. It just gets more brown and/or sunburnt. So the logic that Katniss could be a tan white person is totally wrong. 

It seems like the consensus is that Katniss looks more like her father, and that he is mixed race. 

Now the only thing I’m confused about now is that in the movie Haymitch is white. Was that whitewashing? I mean I think that Peeta certainly had more than Katniss did given that he was able to give her some food at one point. 

I think overall THG movies have really treated race poorly and ignored it entirely. But again, I didn’t read the books so I don’t know how much it played into the original plot. But I do believe Katniss should have been played by someone who…. well. Isn’t white. And I do agree with what you are saying. 


Steve Rogers, bisexual icon from the 50s onward-

The yellowed-with-age letters preserved at the Smithsonian (much to Steve’s embarassment) express a powerful sensuality towards men and women-

and especially touching are his correspondences with young people writing to Captain America for advice and to express admiration-  a good number come from young queer kids with no one else to turn to for advice, asking for reassurance from a symbol of heroism.
Queer scholars for decades speculating about the likely homosexuality of Captain Steve Rogers from his letters and his biography- (as well as the collected letters of his friends and fellow soldiers)

Contentious scholarship rising up arguing about the controversial subject of the sexuality of Captain America and the nature of his relationship with James Buchanan Barnes-

Conservative scholars and pundits bewailing how the liberals want to pervert a national icon for their liberal agenda-

Queer people finding the Collected Letters of Steve Rogers in their library and being blown away- how did no one mention Captain America was gay?  Wait wait, people think he’s straight? How do people miss this??

And queer teens buying the book used, coverless, and keeping it with them to read when they feel alone-
dog-eared pages for the correspondence between Steve and Bucky—- heart squeezing when they think about how they must have felt about eachother

Scholars and pundits all creaming themselves when Steve comes back to life- everyone wanting him to represent for their cause… 
Paparazzi taking photos of him and Nat, of him and Sam- tabloid journals making insinuating references

And Steve getting asked on some TV interview if he can comment on the rumors about him and Sharon Carter and speculation that he’s ”OTHERWISE INCLINED lolol-“ (the interviewer looks smarmy and fully expecting Steve to vehemently deny such SLANDER—)

And Steve brightly (and somewhat agressively) says that he’s actually very happily in a relationship with Sam Wilson, aka Falcon, though he considers himself bisexual 

And Steve and Sam getting interviewed in OUT and the Advocate-
and eloquently articulating the need for lgbtqia role models and why it was important for him to be open about his relationship and loud about asserting that he is BIsexual-

Ahhh Steve Rogers bisexual icon

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I’m so glad that canonically fourteen year old show!verse Sansa Stark is going to be ‘playing up her sexuality’ to manipulate Littlefinger.

So. Glad.

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